Major Atom Boys

Team Roster:

Owen Atcheson 10
Joe Baggaley-Lacerte 0
Anthony Christie 11
Kevin Fugaru 13
Haran Kandlakuti 8
Mason Keba 23
Joey Kleuskens 21
Isaiah McAuley 6
Finn McKenzie 1
Junior Nyamusa 9
Eli Pereira 7
Lucas Raheb 16
Mahmoud Salah 2


Dave Kleuskens - (519 868 3262)

Aaron Atcheson - (519 630 7832)

Tryouts for Major Atom Boys (born in 2006) will begin Monday Sept 18 at Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School, 268 Herkimer St. London and Wed Sept 20th at St Jude Catholic Elementary School, 690 Viscount St London from 6:30 - 8 pm. These will be our regular practice times.

A competitive team will be chosen in the first three sessions to compete in the OBL (Ontario Basketball League).  This is a travel team that will compete on several weekends throughout the winter.  See the schedule below for the U12 Males.  Cost for the tryout alone will be $25.  This will to be deducted from the team fee of approximately $625 (Uniform cost is $149 please make the cheque payable to Gold Medal Teams).




Nov 25-26 (2 games to be played eitheron Saturdayor Sunday)

Dec 16-17  (2 games to be played either on Saturday orSunday)

Jan 27-28  (2 games to be played either on Saturday orSunday)

Mar 3-4 (2 games to be played either on Saturday orSunday)

Apr 7-8  (4 games to be played on bothSaturday andSunday)

April 20-22(2018 Ontario Cup)

 Tryout Registration Form - (please sign the waiver and bring to first tryout.  You can use the link below to enter player info)

Online player registration info link here.  

Changes in Schedule

1. Monday practices at Holy Rosary will be from 6 - 7:30

2. The Major Atom Boys have entered the OBL this season as a u13 team (Bantam).  As a result the schedule is updated on the right